Hello, everyone!

We are two geeky cats (aka ChromaCat and KingUnique) living in Varna, Bulgaria. We love playing video games from the Blizzard universe especially, World of Warcraft. If you are here this means that you are either a gamer or you love cooking. Or both?! We would love to get to know people like us!

We are not professional cooks, but we like to eat good home-cooked meals.

By deciding to try something different, we stumbled upon a cookbook with recipes from our favorite game (WoW) and other similar books from other famous games/universes, this led to an idea for us to share them with you through our blog and live stream. A note that we’re not professional cooks and our equipment, kitchen tools will be limited to the ones we have at home.
This will be helpful if anyone wants to do the same and doesn’t have any professional equipment on hand. Furthermore, some ingredients will be improvised since not everything in the recipes can be easily found in our stores. We will also rate the recipes that we try.

Join our live stream during our cooking streams and beyond!

Every other Sunday we will be doing a live stream of our cooking experiences! The stream has no script, every process is live with no preparation. You can see our fails, how we burn or spill stuff. Neither of us hasn’t cooked or seen how other people do the recipes. We experience everything for the first time and you are welcome to do this with us. In your stream we are using whatever equipment we have at home with no special equipment or kitchen tools. The peeps that they can also prepare those recipes at home and it is not hard to be done by amateur cooks.

You can click here and give us a follow to support us! During the rest of the time, we will be streaming World of Warcraft and sometimes other games like Heroes of the Storm!