Cherry Grog

Cherry Grog

On our cooking stream show we made this Cherry cocktail with beer to make your taste buds dance.


  • 6 oz. ginger beer
  • 4 &1/2 oz. rum
  • 3 oz. cherry tart juice
  • cherries for garnish


This one was fairly easy to make, although we didn’t have 100% of the ingredients, the ginger beer (ale) was missing so we had to improvise, unfortunately even the best craft beer store in the city didn’t have ginger ale, instead, they recommended us to use a normal ale with ginger added thus we agreed and proceeded. Just a note to add that ginger ale is not very popular in our country.

cocktail recipe world of warcraft

So we mixed all the ingredients together in our shaker, gave them a few and of course the beer got a bit nervous and started coming out of the bottle but I managed to contain it.
The end result was interesting, I’ve never tried a cocktail with beer before but it turned out cool, the taste was more sour than sweet mainly because the cherry juice we used was more natural and didn’t have much sugar inside and the ginger beer wasn’t ginger ale and it tasted rather bitter but with an aromatic hint, we think it was really refreshing and would definitely make 2nd try at it, but this time with the ginger ale.

cherry grog recipe

Yey or nay:

Refreshing cherry drink in which you can feel a lot of the rum but also the soury, sweet taste of the juice, definitely recommend this one.

Score 7/10:

I think we could’ve given this more but we didn’t have all the ingredients so the taste was probably a bit off but overall it was good.

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