Cooking recipes inspired by popular games and fantasy movies

Season 1 – Warcraft

Season 1 – Warcraft

World of Warcraft is my favorite game.

I have been playing it since 2006 and I don’t believe there is anyone here reading this article and not familiar with it. If there are such people, you should definitely check it out. World of Warcraft is MMORPG and it is a huge world of fantasy characters, lands and stories. A big aspect of the game are the professions and one of them is Cooking. With Cooking, you can prepare foods that upon consumption will give you buffs for your characters.

Except for the game itself, the World of Warcraft franchise has merch, movie, soundtracks, and … books!

Books that tell the stories of Warcraft. But there is one book that is dedicated to Cooking! Some time passed before I realized that the recipes there are equivalent to the in-game recipes but in real life! So we decided to go on an adventure and cook. We will share this experience with you in the 1 st Season Debut of The Fantasy Cooking!


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